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Beating procrastination

Throughout my life I have always struggled to get things done. I’ve always pushed things back, forgot or got distracted. I honestly never cared much, everything was always hazy, and I came to accept that. It affected my school-work and later even my work. I wish to share my journal in the hopes someone may find paralegals and solutions Failure in education During my school years, I missed assignments, barely studied and just plain didn’t care much.

Someday never comes

I must admit something. I’m a master at procrastination. More then your average person. You may be reading this thinking “Ha, I bet I’m worse” and perhaps you are, but to give context as to how bad I am let me tell you a story. I once kept paying rent on a place I hadn’t visited in 3 months. That was literally thousands of dollars wasted, because I procrastinated canceling the lease.