An update and Github pages

The update

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and that’s because life has gotten a little hectic and haven’t had as much time dedicated to this blog.

I have a few draft posts that I’ll continue to work on until they get published and I have a few more planned. Hopefully they’ll be interesting and provide an insight.

Code pipeline and Cloudformation

Currently my website is being automatically deploy from git to an AWS S3 bucket through AWS codepipeline. The whole setup will soon be migrated into a cloudformation template so that anyone can deploy my blog or any other hugo related blog.

The static hugo

You may now find a static hugo binary in the github repo. This is because the hugo version I was downloading and using was having issues with my theme. So I decided to pin a version I know that works.

The solution is not elegant but will provide a temporary solution till I get around to resolving the issue.