I’ve recently found myself using a laptop so comfortable that it has essentially replaced my desktop outright. This laptop is the wondrous x250, kinda.

X240 or x250?

This amazing little laptop I have is a Frankenstein’s monster of laptops. It originally was a x240 before an ebay seller refurbished it, and replaced the motherboard with that of an X250. This gives it a somewhat strange life as a x250 in disguise.

The downside to this is that during the refurbish they may have forgotten a few screws from the touchpad which now dangles wonderfully if put at any sort of angle.

What’s so good about it?

What makes this laptop amazing? Between the price, performance, size, battery life, linux compatibility and a whole bunch of goodies, it’s hard to properly convey.


As I said earlier, this laptop is a strange combination of x240 and x250. This was because it has been refurbished by the seller. Apart from the touchpad everything else is in perfect condition. Yet because this is second hand and somewhat old, the price for a single unit is around $800AUD. With cheaper models available if you’re willing to drop the SSD and i7.

I got this little trooper for $1000AUD with a dock, which are around $200AUD by themselves. A price that is very appealing, considering what $1000AUD will get you in laptop’s these days.


This tiny thing packs a punch, with an i7-5600U, 8gb of ram, and a 512GB SSD. That is a lot of grunt for a laptop of this size, and more then I will probably ever need, even if I ran Gentoo and had to compile everything. The only slight downside is the lack of any Discrete GPU. This is a trade-off due to it’s previous life as a business laptop. The pros of this previous life is all the CPU extensions such as VT-D, AES and AMT. The cons that come from this is it’s severe lack of graphical grunt and Intel AMT

The laptop is also upgradeable. It’s SSD can be increased to around 2TB at this current time, while it’s ram can be increased to 16GB total. Upgrades which seem absurd but help to increase the lifespan of this device.


This little beast is little, but comfortably so. It’s screen is only 12.5” and provides a full sized keyboard that’s very comfortable to type with. It’s also incredibly lightweight, being only 1.306 kg. It’s a surprise that it manages to avoid massive thermal throttling in my testing.

Battery life

Now onto my favorite thing about this laptop, it’s battery life. You can get an absurd amount of battery life out of this laptop. If you’re sitting idle or not heavily using it, it can last well over 12 hours. The reason behind this is it’s capable of packing 2 batteries: an internal 3 cell, and an external 6 cell.

The internal battery also gives some neat features like the ability to hot-swap batteries if you ever feel the need.


Overall this laptop might not be the prettiest Macbook, or the most powerful gaming laptop, but for doing my hobbies on the go it is far more then enough. It’s long battery life and decent grunt has gotten me through various situations where most laptops wouldn’t. From long car rides to attempting to install Gentoo, this laptop has provided an effective means of doing what I want, when I want.

Put simply it is bliss.