So the ABC is usually pretty good at provding many workflow agnostic methods of consuming their media. From RSS feeds to MP3 streams, it’s all super cool stuff.

They recently created a new radio app though, ABC Listen, which has some content only avaliable on it. Most noteably the Latest News Bulletin, which is a small digest of the current news today updated by the hour.

This is really cool, and useful, but it requires you to use the app to access it. At least through conventional methods, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. And as a Linux user, I have an iron will.


When I first started digging for this, I was hoping to get somewhere through just the ABCs publically facing infrastructure, as they’re usually pretty good at providing this sort of stuff, but after much trolling of their website, I came back empty handed.

I found that news snippets are stored at but it would seem that you cannot index this without just parsing the web page.

So through some hefty digging I still am no further from a machine friendly way to access the News Bulletin.

The app

So as I mentioned, it’s avaliable through the app, but I really don’t want to use it.

tools. Since the rise of android malware there have been various services for analysing apk files online, such as SandDroid.

So I threw the APK in there, and see what HTTP requests it made, and bingo it makes a request to, which returns a JSON file containing the most recent News Bulletin MP3 file for streaming.

Conclusion is the endpoint used to retreive the location of the NEws Bulletin MP3, it’s updated every hour so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

I plan to get this to automatically play in the morning while I’m showering.