Throughout my life I have always struggled to get things done. I’ve always pushed things back, forgot or got distracted. I honestly never cared much, everything was always hazy, and I came to accept that. It affected my school-work and later even my work. I wish to share my journal in the hopes someone may find paralegals and solutions

Failure in education

During my school years, I missed assignments, barely studied and just plain didn’t care much. It was never malice that cause this, just a combination of lack of focus, bad memory and being easily distracted. I spent my years in a haze and didn’t care to fix it.

I tried to go through College, but found myself constantly slacking off, even missing classes. This lead to a deep depression so I dropped out.

Failure in Employment

I then got a job, where I cared a little about keeping track of what I needed to do. Generally it was either in a ticket, or emailed to me so I had some idea. But there where cases where I had 0 clue if I actually did important tasks.

I developed a basic in/out box for returning mobiles but I never documented where they went, leading to some embarrassing fuck ups. I also kept track of tasks by opening empty tabs in chrome with keywords related to it. Needless to say it wasn’t particularly effective.

I then moved with my job, and away from my boss. Without direct oversight and a proper to-do system things only got worse. Because I had moved, I no longer had my parents helping me organise my life.

An attempt at change

It was at this point in my life I really needed to ship up. So I tried… unsuccessfully, but I did make an attempt. I took notes using CherryTree and tasks using Nextcloud, and while they helped a bit. I didn’t keep up with Nextcloud to really make a difference in the long term.

I just kept putting off adding tasks because “I’ll remember this” only to immediately forget. I didn’t correctly prioritize or schedule tasks. Of the many reasons this failed, the most prominent stem from my lack of perseverance.

Due to this, I missed appointments, forgot about some serious things, and just generally screwed myself over.


A few months after moving, I left my old job and started working at a new place. Having to use a mac threw off my only existing infrastructure for keeping my life together, CherryTree. So I was starting this job with an incompatible note taking tool, and a task system I never stuck by.

I had to find a better solution, lest I make the same mistakes I did at my old job.

The beginning

I started writing markdown notes in vim, with not much else and tracking tasks in those files. It wasn’t perfect, and I had a lot of issues, but my boss being a good friend really helped me keep on track regardless.

Many months later, I learnt of Taskwarrior. A program which would very much change the way I live. While not a perfect solution, it would at least allow things to no longer be completely forgotten.

I would still procrastinate on personal items, but It would work flawlessly at work.

The middle

I still wanted to get more out of life personally. I had a strict separation of work and personal tasks that made entering personal ones at work a pain. So with two concious decisions I made dramatic improvements. I switched my taskwarrior setup to GTD style, and started pushing my self.

This really improved the amount of personal tasks I was setting and completing. And really helped me keep on top of life.

The end?

I’ve now recently switched to Emacs Org-Mode for note-taking and Task management. Which I feel is the final step for me. It’s pretty much exactly what I want from task/note management.

But I still wanted more out of life, and that’s something no tool can help with. You just need willpower. So I’ve started to schedule tasks, and I’ve made my decision to:

  1. Do it on the day no matter what!
  2. Don’t break the chain!