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Snipping Leak

Did you know that Windows inbuilt Snipping Tool leaks your user data? I didn’t but it came as quite a shock to discover. JPEG Metadata So the JPEG file format provides methods of storing metadata about various things. Everything from Geolocation to the Serial number of the Camera. All This data is stored as EXIF, and it can be quite verbose. Those not paying attention to their metadata may soon find themselves leaking quite a lot of personal and identifiable data.

Go Hugo

What is hugo? Hugo is a wonderful program written in Golang to create static HTML from templates and markdown files. It’s fast, natively compiled, and does the job well. It’s filled to the brim with features that I’m sure I won’t find any use for. It also has a plethora of themes that you can easily switch between.


Hello and welcome to my blog. This domain has been parked for some time while I attempted to find a nice blogging software, but I think found it. Content Anyway, welcome to the blog I hope you enjoy it’s content. What content? Well none at this current time but it’ll essentially be a journal of all my escapades. Malware analysis, projects, and even just notes. About me Enough about the blog, and more about me.