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ABC Radio News App Hacking

So the ABC is usually pretty good at provding many workflow agnostic methods of consuming their media. From RSS feeds to MP3 streams, it’s all super cool stuff. They recently created a new radio app though, ABC Listen, which has some content only avaliable on it. Most noteably the Latest News Bulletin, which is a small digest of the current news today updated by the hour. This is really cool, and useful, but it requires you to use the app to access it.

Living with depression

I’ve lived almost my entire life with Depression. It’s been hard, and has tested all my relationships. Some months it feels futile, like as if this is all there is. I feel as if I just want to end it all. Yet I’m still here, even though I’ve had more then a few attempts on my own life throughout my youth. The reason I’m still here, even though as I’m writing this I’m on the brink of tears, wishing that my life would end, is because of one friend I met during high school.


So I recently just enabled comments on this blog, it’d be great to see what you all think of my posts, and I’d love to hear from you. Now I chose this provider for their the privacy policy which seams fairly good. Although they do use Google Firebase, which MAY be used to track users, but I am not sure. I hope not. I will implementing a click to both see and post comments, so it’ll only be loaded by your interaction, and you’ll be given a warning.

Remote code execution in emacs

So if you’re like me and use emacs, there’s a chance you’ll also use emacs protocol to capture bookmarks. I’ve recently discovered how this function can be leveraged to perform code execution. It’s fairly convoluted, and requires user interaction, but you can go from webpage to code running locally on the target with 2 user interactions. Org protocol The root of the issue, and the first step is that org protocol does not filter orgmode special characters from the input.

Beating procrastination

Throughout my life I have always struggled to get things done. I’ve always pushed things back, forgot or got distracted. I honestly never cared much, everything was always hazy, and I came to accept that. It affected my school-work and later even my work. I wish to share my journal in the hopes someone may find paralegals and solutions Failure in education During my school years, I missed assignments, barely studied and just plain didn’t care much.

Someday never comes

I must admit something. I’m a master at procrastination. More then your average person. You may be reading this thinking “Ha, I bet I’m worse” and perhaps you are, but to give context as to how bad I am let me tell you a story. I once kept paying rent on a place I hadn’t visited in 3 months. That was literally thousands of dollars wasted, because I procrastinated canceling the lease.

In the Groove

I don’t think this blog can escape my absurd love for ITG (In the groove). So here is my little post about the game I love so much. What is ITG? ITG is a game based on the other popular arcade rhythm game DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). It’s similar, but has some key differences which I will point out later. For now, let’s say it’s essentially the same as DDR.

ST Vim

ST and True Colours in Vim Here’s a quick post for people struggling to get the Simple Terminal (ST) from to display true colours correctly in vim. This issue may manifest as a problem with the :set termguicolors option in vim with the ST terminal.

An Update

An update and Github pages The update Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and that’s because life has gotten a little hectic and haven’t had as much time dedicated to this blog. I have a few draft posts that I’ll continue to work on until they get published and I have a few more planned. Hopefully they’ll be interesting and provide an insight.

Thinkpad X250

I’ve recently found myself using a laptop so comfortable that it has essentially replaced my desktop outright. This laptop is the wondrous x250, kinda. X240 or x250? This amazing little laptop I have is a Frankenstein’s monster of laptops. It originally was a x240 before an ebay seller refurbished it, and replaced the motherboard with that of an X250. This gives it a somewhat strange life as a x250 in disguise.